INTO magazine. edition 02

Youth, uncertainty or opportunity?

More often than not, Youth is considered firmly tied to adolescence as a universal biological phenomenon, experienced and articulated differently depending on where you are.
 But the biological phenomenon of adolescence, and the socio-cultural phenomenon of Youth could (or perhaps indeed should?) be seen as arguably distinct. 

Yet there are too many social frameworks and historical dynamisms associated with ‘who’ is considered Youth around the world for there to be a clear definition to draw.
Some see Youth as an ephemeral stage of uncertainty - a process that gradually vanishes into adulthood. Others give it more agency and understand it as a period of life with its own social and cultural practices.

 Youth are thus not merely shaped by society, but creative agents and active societal forces, often challenging dominant ways of doing, thinking and being.  It is this notion of being in between childhood and adulthood, the sense of transition, ritual and marginality often connected to Youth that can become, at its best, a source of resistance, creativity and - sometimes even - power.

Text: Camila Pedersen Sierra - Cultural analyst.

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