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Worldwide traveler, He currently lives between Barcelona and London.


Ivan Hugo.

Telling stories focused on street culture, blending the worlds of commercial, art and fashion work, with a foundation in the documentary.

With experience in advertising, portraits, lifestyle, culture, and documentary, through photography / moving image, I bring realism to a cinematic experience. 

Whether by capturing reality "on the fly" or by composing the sequence, always with an aesthetic approach.

Clients include; Vice Latam. Nike Japan & USA. Levi Strauss Global. Junk food clothing. Diet Coke. Shell global insights. Lexus. Timberland. Dunhill. Figaro mag. Leon mag. INTO mag. Monocle mag. Transit mag. Portraits; Ralph Lauren. Lily Collins. Nakamura, RyoMiyaiki among others. Agencies; McCAAN. Tokyo. W+K Tokyo. Bamm Global. Clear strategy. Satchi & Satchi. LUA + SOL agency.

I have lived and worked in Tokyo and London for over 10 years. 

Born in Barcelona.